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American Chronicle Theatre Co. is a production company dedicated to telling non-fiction stories from America's Modern Era, in innovative and compelling ways, through the very personal art form of live theatre. Our Executive/Artistic Director, Bren Rapp, has produced theatre for 15 years in Dallas, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. She founded this company to honor the lives of the best storytellers she has ever known, her late father and mother, Harvey and Angela Magid. Bren believes their legacy is found in the incredible oral history of their lives and times - the people, places, inventions and events - they left her with. If only one person learns one of these stories, for the first
time, through our work, then the mission is accomplished. Not only history, but her parents live on.



The words belong to American icon Edward R. Murrow.
The events belong to history. The circumstances they can change are ours. The regional premiere of a powerful, multimedia, one-man show explores Murrow’s life and
work, becoming both a lens to examine where we are now
as a nation of media consumers, and a mirror providing reflections of much needed lessons from our modern history.

MURROW_NICOLAS GRECO_Title Treatment Gif.mp4.gif

A special presentation from  Executive Producer Bren Rapp for AT&T Performing Arts Center's Elevator Project Series.
This production runs April 11-21 at Hamon Hall in the Winspear Opera House, starring Nicolas Greco as
Edward R. Murrow, directed by Montogomery Sutton.


It is not just a "cinematic universe". Comic book fans unite and be the heroes LIVE THEATRE needs! See the origin story that started it all: Follow Jack Kirby as he survives the slums of the Lower East Side, lands in Normandy in WWII, creates CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE AVENGERS, and THE
X-MEN and then is forced to battle for the rightful recognition he was denied as an artist.

kingkirbyFINALver2 (1).jpg

The "official" debut production of American Chronicle Theatre Co.  This regional premiere will run at The Cox Playhouse at The Courtyard Theatre in Plano,
September 12-22.  Much more to come...

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On Wednesday, April 17, at 1:30, thanks to generous underwriting from Ivan Sokalsky,
100 students, educators and accompanying parents can see this performance   ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. MAKE YOUR RESERVATION BELOW.

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